Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ten Years of Dr. Orlof

A character from a Jesús Franco film comes to mind when you hear of this mighty French film blogger Dr. Orlof but there is nothing seedy or in bad taste about him. Le Journal Cinéma du dr Orlof is now celebrating its ten years and for this joyous occasion Vincent (the author's real name) sourced from his friends all kind of responses relating their experiences to him and his site. It's definitively the event of the month for French film criticism and some of these pieces, from illustrations to lengthier texts, illustrate the richness of creative film expression (I was particularly impressed by Vincent Jourdan's). I contributed too on my relationship to my French film blogger friends. We wish him good luck and to another ten years!


Anonymous said...

Doc Orlof is a damn' lucky man :)

Dr Orlof said...

Thank you very much for your contribution, David, and for this text now :)

David D. said...

Merci de commenter. J'ai hate a continuer lire les textes sur vos site web.