Friday, August 1, 2014

Altman Documentary

In preparation for Company Man: The Best of Robert Altman (August 7th - 31st), which includes another special screening of McCabe & Mrs. Miller introduced by Vilmos Zsigmond, the TIFF Cinematheque will be presenting Ron Mann's new documentary Altman on the revered American director (August 1st, 7PM), with Mann and Robert's widow Kathryn Altman in attendance for a q&a. Its interviews - which Variety describes as "in a bold formal stroke, he [Mann] asks each of these subjects — elegantly photographed in medium closeup against a black background by Mann and d.p. Simon Ennis — only a single question: to define, in their own words, the term Altmanesque." - sound fascinating. Also read Liam Lacey's great review in the Globe.

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