Monday, October 23, 2017

the nirvanna the band canon

since the second season of nirvanna starts this friday, october 27th on viceland and city, i decided to make a thorough filmography related to the show, matt johnson and the zapruder films team, from the more ‘official’ credits like the original web-series, its reboot and the two feature films to the more hidden, ephemeral works - hidden on the dvds or online - which are just as important. taken as a whole, these smaller, somewhat obscure videos add a larger dimension and complexity to the main body of work as they provide opportunities to create and experiment, test jokes and engage in the short form. but what makes them great, as with the official credits, is how they become opportunities to explore the world, engage folks and through their imagination create fantasy narratives. these videos could be witty and sweet, funny and innovative, about their influences or pop culture. i hope this master list is of interest, some links are embedded. – d.d.

nirvana the band the show
ten episode web-series (2007-2009) : the beginning, the buzz, the break in, the basement, the banned, the b-day, the battle of the bands, the burn, the band, the rivoli
bonus episode : the buena vista social club (dvd extra, with audio-commentary by christ kelley, a friend)

special features : the deleted scenes (fifteen videos), the adventures (four videos, including the famous update day), live @ the rivoli (july 31, 2009, the final show), the auditions (five videos), the piano sessions (five videos), dead: the ntbts blooper reel (seven videos), interactive menu screens,  one alternate opening (the burn).
audio-commentary :  all ten episodes (the band’s is special for matt and jared discussing their production model)
top secret : matt sees parkour, iraq: shubadak, (directed by kathryn mallinson, editor of ntb, matt’s cut), ntb tv pilot, turner classic movies, condom dance

the dirties
feature film (2013)
special features : five different trailers, anatomy of a scene, making of the dirties, the piano session, mistakes were made, mr. muldoon’s cut, cat stevens cover, twelve deleted scenes, the visitor (three house productions) with an intro, commentary, and reading by matt and owen; five press and extras materials (the world premiere interview, a slamdance tv feature, bars and tone, the 7th art interview, forty-eight production stills)
audio-commentary : five in total including a hidden one on close encounters of the third kind
top secret : lhotsky and fisher: honolulu blue (matt johnson, student film, 2004), my mother’s pearls (matt johnson, curt lobb), matt johnson’s acting for screen and stage

operation avalanche
feature film (2016)
special features : five featurettes and four deleted scenes
audio-commentary : three different ones (matt’s is really good, more vulnerable than usual)

nirvanna the band the show
eight episode television series – season one (viceland, 2017) : the banner, the booking, the bean, the blindside, the big time, the boy, the buffet, the bank
special features : four piano sessions, twelve deleted scenes and operation avalanche (short the dirties-like video, from the big time)

eight episode television series – season two (viceland, 2017) : brand new, starts october 27th

random videos
breakingnewsTO : occupy reporter hijacks station (2011)
breaking news – comic con (three parts, funny or die)
how canadians celebrate spring w/ jay mccarrol (evan morgan)
in the studio w/ jared: born ruffians (2013)
three barry lyndon (josh boles) music videos (matt johnson, 2011-14)
never come down (brave shores, 2014; directed by tony ho)
dreams tonite (alvvays, 2017; directed by matt and shy kids)

actor in other projects
shorts, features, and documentaries :
captain coulier, jay as the silver robot iggy (lyndon casey, 2008)
the revenge plot, matt scheming with teenagers (jared raab, 2011)
cosmotive inc. (thomas hackett, 2012)
d.i.y. (peter baxter, eric ekman, ben hethcoat, 2014)
spice it up, matt as a passport photographer (calvin thomas, lev and yonah lewis, 2014, unreleased)
diamond tongues, matt as john matheson, over-the-top actor in film-within-the-film (pavan moondi and brian robertson, 2015)
how heavy this hammer, matt as a hardware store employee (kazik radwanski, 2015)

unproduced / unrealized / screenplays
nirvana the band the movie (a cross-country journey with ntb, abandoned)
encyclopedia brown screenplay by matt johnson (warner bros.)
kill hitler, in pre-production
john a. macdonald biopic screenplay by josh boles