Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Toronto Premieres : Edging, Rainfall, Never Eat Alone

An embarrassment of riches? Just this week the Canadian Film Fest is premiering Efehan Elbi and Aleksey Matviyenko’s Rainfall (Tuesday, 7PM) and Natty Zavitz’s Edging (Wednesday, 7PM), both at the Scotiabank; and Sofia Bohdanowicz’s Never Eat Alone, along with some shorts, are being shown as part of an exclusive screening at TIFF on Saturday, 8:30PM (while her new documentary Maison du Bonheur was just announced for Hot Docs). But, aside from these immediate events, there’s still a lot more good Canadian work playing: Big Little Lies is still playing on HBO, Nirvanna The Band The Show will have its Season 1 finale on Thursday (Viceland), Ashley McKenzie’s Werewolf is opening in France, and Sophie Goyette’s Mes nuits feront écho is playing at The Royal as part of MDFF Presents (April 5, 8PM). There’s Hot Docs and Images coming up. And (!) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now available and is a blast! I should really be studying… - D.D. 

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