Monday, June 20, 2016

Le plaisir cimentien !

For listeners of Projection privée the weekly radio show offers bountiful pleasures. Obviously some weeks are better than others with certain topics being more interesting and familiar, which is something that also applies to its guest. But when it’s great there’s nothing like it. The knowledge and thoughtfulness of the speakers have no comparison. For example in the last two weeks of Michel Ciment’s show the guests included: the MacMahonien Michel Mourlet (with his warmth and old age lisp), the Noël Herpe (one of the greatest film critics on Marcel Carné. Ciné-reporter 1929-1934), my favorite Pierre Berthomieu, Christian Viviani, Bertrand Benoliel and N.T. Binh. The knowledge, debates, opinions, stories, charisma, casualness, arguments, counter-arguments, music, references (and the list goes on!) makes one envious since the Anglo-Saxon film culture has no equivalent. These one hour podcast offer a simple yet fulfilling pleasure: cinema matters, there’s still lots to know, and let’s have fun while we’re at it. Follow the link embedded titles for a listen: Spécial John Huston and Michel Mourlet.

Oh! And to not totally go over to the Positif side, here is a great recent (four-part) interview with Stéphane Delorme and Joachim Lepastier on the subject of Cahiers du Cinéma today.

It’s a tie game between the two of them right now. Let’s see which one takes the lead with their upcoming July/August double-issue feature.

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