Monday, June 20, 2016

Jorge Lozano Retrospective

The Columbian-born Jorge Lozano has been working in Toronto as a media artist for nearly forty years. So then why is his work not more well known? From a recent Mike Hoolboom interview, Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible, Lozano partly answers this as he describes his video art oeuvre as historically evolving with the rise of portable video cameras and how this steady and unconventional output can lead to challenges with traditional distribution. Some of the subjects of Lozano’s videos include his own biography and philosophical ruminations as they intersect with the affirmative representation of the marginalized in his home country along with queer activism in Toronto. This week alone there will be two respective screenings of his work: 6:30PM Tuesday June 21st by The Free Screen and 7PM Saturday June 25th by the Pleasure Dome. The titles that will be included are: May 1968 Graffiti (2006), Tactical cycle-ordination (2015), Kuenta (2012), Menguante (2005), D-enunciation (2014), resonance (2010), The Aloneness of Photograms (2015),Within the isolation of my opulence (2014), Black Box (2006). CloroX (2014), Cleaning Practice (2014), and Watch My Back (2010). It’s finally time to let Lozano show and talk about his work so that it can be better known and appreciated.

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