Monday, July 29, 2013

Kubrick & The Illuminati by Laurent Vachaud


sorcerer1964 said...

I am not the director of Kubrick & the illuminati. I'm only intervewed about my Positif article from January 2013 on Eyes wide shut. The way the film is edited and conceived has nothing to do with me and i'm not supportive in any way of the final result. Gasface's, the two co-directors are rsponsible for it. Laurent Vachaud

David D. said...

Hey Laurent,
I don't think that the video is at all bad, it's a fun exploration of the film by Kubrick, which I just wanted to blog about because it has subtitles so that more English readers can see it, and it exemplifies some of the more fun interpretations that can be found in Positif.
There is also this good radio show that you participated in about it :
But I don't think that you were given enough space in the radio show (and it is only in French), they shut down your theory too early I think (and unfairly). Anyways, I think that the original text that you wrote is the best, so if anyone is more interested in checking that out it is great (Positif, Jan '03).