Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Girl From Monday

Hal Hartley, the American independent filmmaker, 2005 film The Girl from Monday is a sexy sci-fi comedic thriller, starring Bill Sage, Sabrina Lloyd, Leo Fitzpatrick and Tatiana Abracos. The film depicts a futuristic dystopian society where people have tattooed bar codes on their wrist and having sex boosts both partners’ credit ratings. It is a meditation on modern consumerism and its relation to sex. Satirizing a world where everywhere you look there is advertisements for new products. Though the fluctuation between color to black and white, dutch angle shots, freeze frames, and blurry effects might throw some viewers off of the film. Hartley’s experimental technique is as avant-garde as Godard in the 60s and fits the content of the film perfectly. The Girl from Monday is full of plot twists, sexy characters, beautiful visuals and dialogue that are delivered with deadpan humor.

(Possible Films, single disc, $21.99, Rated-R)

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