Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Centretown Movies

The Centretown Outdoor Film Festival starts this Friday July 18th. The festival gets the community together for a fun night to watch a movie. The screenings are at Dundonald Park located at 512 Somerset St. The screenings are pay as you can with the money going to a different charity organization each week. The movies will be each Friday and Saturday until August 16th.

Hal Ashbys 1971 Harold and Maude story is about a young man Harold played by Bud Cort who has become disenchanted with life. Staging mock-suicides has become a routine that his domineering mother takes very little notice. At a funeral Harold meets Maude an energetic, light-hearted senior citizen played by Ruth Gordon who shows him how to live each day to its fullest.

Friday, July 18: Across the Universe
Saturday, July 19: Golden Compass
Friday, July 25: Who Killed the Electric Car
Saturday, July 26: Office Space
Friday, August 1: The Constant Gardener
Saturday, August 2: Transformers
Friday, August 8: King Corn
Saturday, August 9: Maltese Falcon
Friday, August 15: Harold and Maude
Saturday, August 16: Ratatouille

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