Sunday, November 13, 2016

Kickstarter : Wexford Plaza

A new Toronto film is premiering soon at the Torino Film Festival and it can use some help to get there. Wexford Plaza tells the story of a lonely security guard in Scarborough whose life changes when she meets a charming bartender. The filmmaker Joyce Wong describes the project as, “Wexford Plaza is about two people who are struggling to make sense of their existence. While we get the impression that their efforts are futile, the characters’ whole-hearted belief in what they’re doing gives us a window into the complexities of modern adolescence, and its unique mix of humour and sadness.” The emergence and diversity of more local filmmakers makes the Toronto film community richer and more exciting, and by making a modest contribution, less than the cost of seeing a new mainstream release, you could watch Wexford Plaza as soon as later this month. A small token can make a big difference. 

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