Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cinema Scope’s New Screening Series

Exciting news! The Toronto-based film magazine Cinema Scope held its first public screening of its current cover-issue film Lewis Klahr’s Sixty Six (which is reviewed by Jordan Cronk in the issue) on Tuesday, May 24th. Cinema Scope has always been visible in the city with its issues in the good magazine stores, some of its critics being public film figures (regularly introducing films or moderating panels or director interviews), and a regular booth at Word On The Street and mutually beneficial sponsorship screenings at the Images Festival and the Cinematheque. But with this new series, by its managing editor Andrew Tracy and regular contributor and projectionist Sean Rogers, its taking further steps to make the city its more visible physical home. This is instead of its critics, programmers and fellow filmmakers and comrades being more spread out and disperse throughout the world and the internet. This new Cinema Scope screening series is not the only exciting screening series in the city – the MDFF screening on Sunday of Matt Porterfield’s Take What You Can Carry, also comes to mind – but these type of special events help remedy some of the major distribution and exhibition problems plaguing the world of art and independent film. Once the problems are identified and with Cinema Scope the exciting new films apparent then there can be the emergence of these micro-network showcases to best be able to see the work of these artists and their images of the world. Everybody wins.

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