Thursday, September 24, 2015

Alexis Fortier-Gauthier on Jean-Marc Vallée

In a kind essay on 24 Images the Montreal director Alexis Fortier-Gauthier (Après tout) shares an exchange between himself and Jean-Marc Vallée that had a great impact on him. 
During the 2008 Christmas season, after running into Vallée at the check-out in a book store, they strike up an exchange. 

Vallée, "It was only after the birth of my first son that I really learnt how to write." 

Fortier-Gauthier, thinking about this, "As a young guy, this revelation surprised me, marked me. Was Jean-Marc Vallée suggesting to me to reproduce? To reproduce the fastest I can to get over this writing block?"

To read what happens next follow the link, La fois où j'ai pris Jean-Marc Vallée en otage.

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