Sunday, May 24, 2015

J.J. Abrams, Our Only Hope

Since there needs to be something to keep J.J. Abrams fans busy until Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens comes out in Christmas, lucky for us, in the new issue of Vanity Fair there is a cover feature on the film by Bruce Handy with some exclusive Annie Leibovitz photographs of the actors on set. It isn’t a major revelation but it still includes some interesting observations from the studio and quotes from its creators. Now that George Lucas sold Lucasfilms to Disney, with Kathleen Kennedy in charge, one wonders in what direction they’ll take the project and how Lawrence Kasden and Abrams’ script is going to look like. After having watched the two teaser trailers several times I’m still not sure what’s going to propel the story and what direction it will go in. But I can guess that whatever it is it’ll be exciting and this mystery is part of its fun.

In the meantime for any Abrams fans out there you can always check out his great novel S. which he co-wrote with Doug Dorst, the Alan Dean Foster novelization of Star Trek: Into Darkness, and the Blu-ray of the film which also includes some impressive special features. May the Force be with You.

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