Sunday, October 26, 2014

Michel Ciment on his Career

"On a personal level, I really like the current team at Cahiers but I don't understand their editorial line. I don't want to simplify and say that the films they like are bad ones and that the ones Positif like are the good ones, but I really don't get their why they choose and reject certain ones. And by the way, on the subject of formal mastery, Positif stance for it is in opposition to a certain held belief that it is bad, which is shared by Le Monde, Inrocks, Libération and Cahiers. Mastery is currently viewed to be negative. While for me, mastery, is the basis of occidental art, which goes back to the antiquity, and I don't see why this would stop today."

Follow the link to read an amazing Les Inrocks interview with Michel Ciment :

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