Monday, February 24, 2014

Bernard Chardère on Cahiers today

Positif's Bloc-Notes section is one of its more interesting features. It provides the reverse-shot of the critique section by allowing the magazine's main writers to divulge in more casual thoughts on life, society, films and film writing. Unlike Twitter or other social media outlets the Bloc-Notes position within Positif binds it to film history therefore the section greatly contributes to the magazine's editorial position.
In the July-August 2012 issue (N.617-618), in a rare guest appearance, Bernard Chardère in his Bloc-Notes, Mai en cinéma. 60 ans, verte jeunesse, chimes in on Cahiers. - D.D. 
Vendredi 25 
Cahiers, but what of? If I told you that I attentively read Cahiers du Cinéma you wouldn't believe me. And you would be right. There was a time where I skimmed their table of contents at the newsstands. But since their new publisher, it hasn't escaped me, even to my superficial eye, that their covers aren't even of films anymore but instead of graphic designs. This elicits interrogation: has Cahiers even given up on their veil that they care about cinema?

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