Thursday, April 11, 2013

Images Festival 2013

My favourite time of the year: Images Festival!!!!!!! A week packed full of experimental delights!  Opening night (Thursday, April 11, 2013 @ 8PM at St. Anne's Anglican Church) is not to be missed... Musician Tim Hecker with experimental filmmaker Robert Todd.  

Check out a program of local work while you are at it with mmNemonic DVices (Saturday, April 13, 2013 @ 10:30PM at Jackman Hall).

A re-embodied performance of Alfred Hitchcock's Rope arranged by local performance artist Francesco Gagliardi (Friday, April 12 @ 3PM, Saturday, April 13 @ 3PM, Sunday, April 14 @ 3PM and Tuesday, April 16 @ 7PM at Theatre Centre) is a must see!

I would also highly recommend Jody Mack's Dusty Stacks of Mom: The Poster Project (Friday, April 19 @ 10:30 at Cinecycle).   

Finally, the OPEN SCREEN is back!!!!!!!!!  If you make films and videos bring them out to Cinecycle on Friday, April 19 @ 11:30PM!!!!! - Clint Enns

Images Screenings in a Nutshell 
(be sure to check out the Images website for a full listing of events including PARTIES, talks and exhibitions):

Thursday, April 11, 2013
8:00PM @ St. Anne's Anglican Church.
Opening Night Gala: Live Images w/ Tim Hecker + Robert Todd, SlowPitch 

Friday, April 12, 2013
3:00PM @ Theatre Centre
Film: Rope - Francesco Gagliardi 
6:30PM @ Jackman Hall, AGO 
Canadian Spotlight
A Memory Lasts Forever: Althea Thauberger
not afraid to die - Althea Thauberger
Oh Canada - Althea Thauberger
A Memory Lasts Forever - Althea Thauberger
Northern - Althea Thauberger
Zivildienst ≠ Kunstproject - Althea Thauberger
Msaskok - Althea Thauberger
9:00PM @ Jackman Hall, AGO
Suitcase of Love and Shame - Jane Gilooly

Saturday, April 13, 2013
3:00PM @ Theatre Centre
Film: Rope - Francesco Gagliardi
6:00PM @ Jackman Hall, AGO
Leaf in the Wind
Next Week - Guy Wouete 
Fleurs de Lys - Michèle Magema
Leaf In The Wind - Jean-Marie Teno 
8:00PM @ Jackman Hall, AGO
All That Is Solid
Un film inédit - Gordon Webber
Museum of the Imagination - Amit Dutta
Quartet for the End of Time - Deanna Erdmann
A Third Version of the Imaginary - Benjamin Tiven
48 Heads From Merkurov Museum (after Kurt Kren) - Anna Artaker
In My Room - Chance Taylor
The Invisible World - Jesse McLean
10:30PM @ Jackman Hall, AGO
mmNemonic DVices
Curator: Blake Williams, Julian Carrington, Nick Benidt
You Are Here - Leslie Supnet
Shadow Puppet - Yi Cui
Oracle - Mani Mazinani
Half Way There - Karen Henderson
The Timeslide - Ariana Andrei
Christ Church - St. James - Stephen Broomer
Days of Future Past - Joe Hambleton
Separate Vacations - Cameron Moneo
The Pool - Christine Lucy Latimer
Ten S̶k̶i̶e̶s̶  - Clint Enns
rapidTransfer - John Creson & Adam Rosen
Summer Solstice, 11 pm, Jordaan - Albert Wisco

Sunday, April 14
3:00PM @ Theatre Centre
Film: Rope - Francesco Gagliardi
6:30PM @ Jackman Hall 
Sleight of Hand
Torque - Björn Kämmerer
Ten Minutiae - Peter Miller
Early Figure - Brian Virostek
Passage Upon the Plume - Fern Silva
Sugar Beach - Mark Loeser
Stone - Kevin Jerome Everson
Maître-Vent - Simon Quéhiellard
addy CHOO - JB Mabe
9:00PM @ Jackman Hall, AGO
Lukas The Strange
Light Streaming - Kathleen Rugh
Lukas nino (Lukas The Strange) - John Torres

Monday, April 15
6:30PM @ Jackman Hall, AGO 
Borders/Bodies: International Student Showcase
Curator: Taimaz Moslemian, Cameron Moneo, Zoë Heyn-Jones
Poppy Fields Forever - John Warren
A Changed Landscape - Tijana Petrovic
Heart of Durham - Joel Wanek
Trying to Build a Sentence - Susanna Flock
Factory - Bruno Ramos
Snail Trail - Philipp Artus
Ground and Body - Undine Sommer
White House - Georg Koszulinski
To Love is to Let Go? - Sausan Saulat
Harbour's Puddle - Lucie Mercandal
King Kong - Gurpreet Sehra
Young Money - Jennifer Chan
9:00PM @ Jackman Hall
Rhythm and Reflection
Bloom - Scott Stark
I Remember A Film About Joe Brainard - Matt Wolf
Pastoral - JB Mabe
Dad's Stick - John Smith
Charlie's Proof - Kevin Jerome Everson
Woolworth's Choir - Elizabeth Price

Tuesday, April 16
7:00PM @ Theatre Centre
Film: Rope - Francesco Gagliardi
9:00PM @ Cinecycle
Scoring Cinecyle
Lina Allemano Four Scoring 
The Existentialist - Leon Prochnik 
Allures - Jordan Belson 
- Eucalyptus Scoring 
Del Bel Scoring 
Überfall - Adolf Trotz

Wednesday, April 17
7:00PM @ Jackman Hall, AGO
Babette Mangolte Spotlight
Edward Krasiński's Studio - Babette Mangolte
Water Motor - Babette Mangolte
There? Where? - Babette Mangolte
9:00PM @ Jackman Hall, AGO 
Beautiful People - David Wojnarowicz

Thursday, April 18
6:30PM @ Jackman Hall, AGO
Before Our Eyes
Sight - Thirza Jean Cuthand
This Town of Toronto... - Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof
Strata of Natural History - Jeanette Munoz
memento mori - Dan Browne
9214 - Takahiro Suzuki
Underscore (_) Subguión - Jorge Lozano 
9:00PM @ Jackman Hall, AGO
Maintenance - Adele Horne

Friday, April 19
6:30PM @ Jackman Hall, AGO
Your Day is My Night - Lynne Sachs
8:30PM @ Jackman Hall, AGO
Curator: Elena Duque
Etude Cinematographique sur un arabesque - Germaine Dulac
Pixelación Laboral - Chus Dominguez
Les Coquelicots - Rose Lowder
Ecosystem-6-A Sort of Mycelium - Teruo Koike
Photomatons - Eugeni Bonet
Zebra - Maarten Visser
Through the Miniscope - Ian Helliwell
De jamones y monjas - Daniel Cuberta
Escultura fílmica No3 - Alberto Cabrera Bernal
Confessions through an open curtain - Eli Cortinas
Desert - Daniel Cuberta
75 Cuts for Carl Andre - Alberto Cabrera Bernal
Blanket Statement #1: Home is Where the Heart is - Jodie Mack
10:30PM @ cinecycle
Dusty Stacks of Mom: The Poster Project - Jodie Mack
11:30PM @ cinecycle

Saturday, April 20
4:00 @ Mocca
grain(s) - Tanya Lukin Linklater, Duane Linklater
8:00PM @ St. Anne's Anglican Church.
Closing Night Gala
David Mott, Hamid Drake Scoring 
Corredor - Alexandra Gelis

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