Saturday, August 6, 2016

Matt Johnson on Peter Watkins' Edvard Münch

“And the original idea before Operation Avalanche was that we wanted to make… Have you ever seen the Peter Watkins film Münch? It’s okay if you haven’t, it’s very rare, not a lot of people have seen it. So it’s a documentary about the painter Edvard Münch. I mean its boring but it is a riot in terms of formal approach. It is a documentary set in a time when cameras didn’t exist and the way that people are playing to camera. It’s a vérité-doc so it’s not like they’re interviewing people. I would check it out. That was the inspiration for this John A. Macdonald film, which we wanted to make as a fake documentary at a time when cameras didn’t exist and we wanted to play with Canadian history and do something that was just bizarre and crazy and show people that time in a sort of a fresh way.” – Matt Johnson

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