Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Must Read: Adam Nayman on Ron Mann

"The films that Ron Mann buys tend to get good reviews. If they get bad ones, they're in big trouble. Long before he decided to start Films We Like, Mann was (and remains) a director of eclectic documentaries—most famously Comic-Book Confidential and Grass. Like his fellow Toronto New Wavers Atom Egoyan, Bruce McDonald, and Patricia Rozema, Mann's reputation in the early days was dependent on reviewers giving his work a thumbs up. This is still the case now that he's become a distributor. Without big stars or big budgets, the films that Mann acquires have to appeal to a more rarefied sensibility."

To read Adam Nayman's full article, 'Seen a Great, Weird-Ass Movie Lately? You Should Thank This Guy', follow the link :

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