Saturday, August 22, 2015

Recent Film News : Annie St-Pierre, Denis Côté, Vivian Kubrick

"It's this drawing that will guide my carte blanche at 24 Images (and surely for the rest of my life) in terms of a meta-representation of any given subject, that is to say, the structure of exposition of the process of the carte blanche like a carte blanche."

Denis Côté directing Boris sans Béatrice.

Laurent Vachaud on Vivian Kubrick, Dans l'Ombre de Kubrick for Vanity Fair.

"After escaping him for years, she seems to now be living her life through him. It is as if scientologie, conspiracy theories, the phantasm of reincarnation, and the craziness around her, were all ways to stay in the universe that was created by her father and to continue to stay in dialogue with him."

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