Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Posts: Blake Willians and Pavan Moondi

"Against this, the works that most clearly mark his maturation, his anaglyph 3D films made since 2012, are built through more filmic impulses, through editorial strategies, in juxtapositions and apparently heterodox sequencing, given coherence by Williams’ overarching themes. At the time of my writing, his anaglyph works comprise a suite of three films: Many a Swan (2012), in which the folding processes of origami are mirrored in a broad array of natural formations and human contrivances; Baby Blue (2013), in which multidimensional depth is forced on its images, images otherwise governed by threatening, monocular presences suggesting celestial, earthly, and fantastic sources; and Red Capriccio (2014), in which unusual consonances are formed between receding highways, dance floors, security lights, doughnut maneuvers, and the blinding red and blue strobe of a siren light on a police cruiser."

Follow to the link to read Stephen Broomer's newest Speaking Lightly interview, after a great one with Clint Ens, with Blake Williams. Broomer is also the subject of a great new book The Transformable Moment (CFI).
Pavan Moondi and Brian Robertson are taking their new feature film, Diamond Tongues, to the Slamdance Film Festival, and for this great event the National Post are publishing their diary of the experience. Here are the first two entries: I, II.

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