Monday, March 17, 2014

Baltimore Based (March 18, 8PM @ Videofag)

Regional Support Network presents: BALTIMORE-BASED
Co-presented by The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) and VideoFag

 for w.g. sebald (travel without travel), Stephanie Barber, 2011, DV
The Human Body Part 1, Jon Bevers, 2012, DV
Self-tending, Catherine Borg, 2010, DV
Discuss Winter, Mark Brown, 2009, DV
Centralia, PA, Nick Clasing, 2013, DV
TITLE 17, Skizz Cyzyk, 1990, DV
Play Nice, Liz Donadio, 2010, DV
Belson Blues, Max Eilbacher, 2013, DV
REVLON/CLINIQUE/OPI REDUX, Kate Ewald, 2013, 16mm
The Enchanted Forest, Lorenzo Gattorna, 2011, 16mm-to-DV
Smoke & Fire, Dina Kelberman, 2013, DV
Nascar study 1, Justin Kelly, 2011, DV
8===>~~~~( . )( . ), Alan Resnick, 2012, DV
Beam Splitter, Jimmy Joe Roche, 2011, DV
Gowanus Haze, Meg Rorison, 2012, 16mm
Entropy, Branden Rush, 2012, DV
All or Nothing, Fred Worden, 2013, DV
Life is an Opinion, Fire a Fact, Karen Yasinsky, 2013, DV

Short films and videos by Baltimore moving image artists curated by Kate Ewald (who will be in attendance), Lorenzo Gattorna and Meg Rorison of Sight Unseen.

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