Friday, November 6, 2009

Montreal Experimental Cinema

Alchemical Illumination (Double Negative Collective, 2004-2009)
*** (A Must-See)

The Double Negative Collective has been a fluctuating group of experimental filmmakers who reside in Montreal. Scott Birdwise the programmer at the CFI organized another Café eX event of experimental cinema which was a unique experience and produced a particular state of mind in a community setting.

The collective works were very strong but I want to single out one candidate whose work had the most gloss and polish. A remarkable sight and sound virtuoso Daïchi Saïto's two of his seven short films played. They were dazzling symposiums of images and noises and their pacing left one out of breath. All That Rises (2007) a seven minute film juxtaposing footage from an alleyway with a black screen focuses on what is shown and consequently with what isn't. The manufactured and urban setting of the latter is a contrast to Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axis (2009). An evolved ten minute work in a tranquil forest setting the film is both a return to nature and a colorful painting of light. With Malcolm Goldstein contrapuntal score these works were very compelling. Through Daïchi's collisions of images and rapid-fire editing these two screenings provided visceral pleasures similarly associated with other long-take deconstructionist such as Guy Maddin and Sergei Eisenstein.-David Davidson

(Club SAW, Café eX, 67 Nicholas Street, November 5th)

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