Sunday, March 8, 2009

The past, present and future Canadian Inuit

The Necessities of Life (Benoît Pilon, 2008)

A good performance by Natar Ungalaaq and fluctuating intentions makes this a hazily look on Inuit-Canadians relations. In the summer of 1952, Baffin Islands, Tiivii (Ungalaaq) who happens to have tuberculosis gets taken from his family and relocated to a Quebec City hospital. Tiivii is initially unsure of how to respond to the white intervention and his response to it changes from escapism, hostility and eventually acceptance. You may be expecting an original medical drama, but in their attempt screenwriter Bernard Emond and Pilon embrace simplistic formula over psychological cohesiveness. It embraces Arctic landscapes and the role of Inuit art as portrayal of the indigenous in Canada and examines broadly the relationship between Inuit and white modernity of each generation (ancestors, elders, and youth) with the results border lining in stereotypes.-David Davidson

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