Thursday, February 26, 2009

On Ottawa Film Review

The blog description is film listings, reviews and criticism though i expand on other domains. I write listings for upcomming new releases and screening of films I believe are important to the Ottawa film going experience. I do this through researching what the critical community is praising through reading the New York Times film critic A.O. Scott, The New York Oberserver film critic Andrew Sarris and the Ottawa Citizen film critic Jay Stone. As well as film magazines varying from Film Comment, Sight & Sound, CinéAction and les Cahiers du Cinema. When it comes to listings of older films, I usually would list films I have yet to see as I find more interest in the unknown then in familiar territory as well films I believe it are worth re-watching or essential to view on the big screen. My reviews pop up sporadically in the student paper The Fulcrum with an increasing reguliarity this semester, Winter 2009. My criticism includes insights and judgment of form, content, narrative of films. At times my post are simple titles, film, director, year of release and still. I have started to include additions to meet my changing interest including researched film criticism, screen captures from dvd`s, and miscellaneous writting. I post sporadically once or twice a week. It depends primarily on my schedule and if there are immediate listings to post. I re-read my post but at times there have been typos that i miss which is something i hope to diminish. If while re-reading a post I notice faults in sentence structure or spelling, I would return to the post and fix it, usually without leaving a trace of an edit. I hope you can use this site to keep up to date with what is going on in Ottawa in regards to screenings as well learn more on the history and art of cinema.-David Davidson

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