Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Steam Room Sequence

T-Men (1947)

Director - Anthony Mann
Director of Photography - John Alton

Wallace Ford - The Schemer
Charles McGraw - Moxie

The Schemer : Hiya Moxie…Hot ain’t it… I didn’t know you took these steam baths Moxie.
Moxie : I don’t… Count If anything happened to these pipes a guy can kick off.
The Schemer : Yeah… Huh… I never thought of that…
The Schemer : Moxie… Im glad you came, I need to talk to you. This new guy Tony, today at the farmers market he bumped into a dame I think it was his wife, but Tony says he ain’t married… Listen Moxie, Tony even propositioned me, he’s double shuffling on the plates.
Moxie : Oh he did, did he.
The Schemer : He’s trying to rig me on the deal… Imagine… Moxie… We were friends… Moxie remember when I was up I used to help you, remember… Moxie, lets work out a scheme…
The Schemer : Moxie… Moxie… Moxie…

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